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How Will Facebook’s Changes of 2018 Affect My Ad Campaigns?
1024 551 Leigh Laird

Here at lodestar marketing group, we have been fielding numerous questions from our clients regarding Facebook’s latest changes. The biggest concern for our clients, and everyone else’s for that matter, is what this will do to their Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook has become one of the most powerful advertising tools available to marketers because it…

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Voice Search: The Next Big Thing and its Effect on SEO
580 328 Leigh Laird

One of the primary tasks that we strive to do consistently here at lodestar marketing group, is to stay up-to-date on changes in our industry. Anyone who has been doing SEO for any length of time, knows how quickly things can change and how those changes can impact how we do our day-to-day work. One…

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Blogging is good for SEO
How Blogging is good for your SEO
580 328 Derek Schwitters

Is blogging really all that important to your search rankings? Well, in a word, YES, it is. As blogging has grown over the years, it has become a key player in SEO and driving traffic to your site. Here at lodestar marketing group, we are big believers in blogging and we encourage our clients to…

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Lodestar marketing group Google premier partner
Lodestar Marketing Group: Google Premier Partner in Seattle
526 296 Derek Schwitters

Lodestar Marketing Group is one of Seattle’s first digital marketing firms.  We started here in the Seattle area in 2000 as a full service agency providing SEO and SEM expertise. In the seventeen years that we have been in business, our commitment to excellence and serving our clients has never changed. However, some things have…

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Google Algorithm Changes
Keep up with Google Algorithm Changes
684 404 Derek Schwitters

One of the more challenging aspects of working in SEO are the almost constant algorithm changes that Google makes.  In fact, it can be overwhelming and frustrating just trying to keep up with all of them; even for those of us who do this every day.  Many of the changes Google makes are small changes…

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leveraging google tag manager
Leveraging Google Tag Manager to Show Results and ROI
526 296 Daniel Morris

Here at lodestar marketing group, we believe that in addition to providing our expert SEO and SEM services, we also need to share information that is designed to educate and inform our readers. Our industry is one that changes frequently and it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes and how they…

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Public Relations with Digital Marketing
How Digital Marketing Plays a Role in Public Relations
526 296 Sarah Schwitters

For many years, marketing and public relations were seen as two entirely separate entities.  Corporate marketers saw their role as advertising, promoting and selling of goods and services, building brand awareness and developing a loyal customer base. Public Relations, on the other hand, played a very different role that focused more on the public flow…

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The New Google Chrome HTTPS Requirement Could Impact SEO
526 296 lodestar

Google is in the process of making the web more secure, which is welcomed news for users and marketers alike. Currently, when users browse the web via Chrome, any HTTP connections have not been labeled “non-secure.” However, as of January 31, 2017, that has changed. Basically, what Google is beginning to phase in is a…

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Search Marketing Update: Target YouTube Users Based on Search History
526 296 Derek Schwitters

We are all familiar with how Google searches work. We type into our browser bar the name of a particular product and then click over to their website to do our research. These product searches then begin to show up in the form of ads on our search engine home-page as well as other sites…

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search marketing
Searching Marketing: Beyond the Search Engines
526 296 Derek Schwitters

Search Marketing. Believe it or not, there is much more to it now than just how a site ranks in the search engines. In the early days of Search Marketing, we really just had to monitor how a site was ranking in the search engines.

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